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In the heart of Santiago it is possible to taste some of the most exquisite preparations of the national maritime gastronomy.

Close to the historic center and the main means of transport, the Vichuquén Restaurant inside Almacruz Hotel offers a varied menu in which the products of the sea are undisputed protagonists, ideal for those who, while passing through Santiago de Chile, seek to make a delicious break on his tour of the capital.

1. Caldillo de Congrio

Traditional Chilean recipe recognized worldwide, among other things, for the ode that Pablo Neruda, poet and Nobel Prize for Literature (1971). This tasty broth is prepared based on onion, tomato, garlic, potatoes and of course conger, the main element of this culinary delight.

2. Fried conger

Undoubtedly, one of the most requested dishes by those looking to taste the benefits of the Pacific. The experience consists of battered medallions, accompanied by a fresh Chilean salad prepared with tomato, onion and cilantro.

3. Salmon

Blue fish very rich in nutrients, a classic of the cold waters of the Chilean coast. Its firm and tasty meat is ideal to consume it prepared in multiple ways, and the Vichuquén Restaurant offers you a caramelized salmon with chapar and quinoa with avocado.

4. Ceviche

Seafood marinade typical of the Latin American cuisine of the Pacific coast. It is a dish with citrus touches that is served cold, ideal to eat at the entrance, as a main course on hot days or as a light accompaniment to taste next to a white wine on the terrace of the hotel.

5. Butter Albacore

Tender white meat, albacore (or swordfish) is one of the tastiest alternatives when it comes to prefer fish. Gilded to the point with an exquisite mixture of mango butter, this dish is a mixture of colors and flavors only available at Vichuquén Restaurant.

6. Shrimp timbale

Shrimp in an interesting preparation and presentation are one of the obligatory dishes when it comes to tasting sea flavors. If you are looking for variety and alternative, a shrimp timbale with various mixtures of ingredients and flavor will be an excellent entry.

7. Tuna with basil oil

Basil oil specially served to nourish and accompany a cut of tuna over an exquisite hot preparation. Like salmon, tuna is one of the blue fish with the most health benefits and can be prepared in an infinite number of recipes like the one you can know here.

If after reading this note your appetite was opened, the recommendation is to dare to savor the delights that the Vichuquén Restaurant of the Almacruz Hotel has for you.