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Hotel with Chilean culture and its advantages

If you plan to travel to Santiago de Chile, you will surely have quoted a central and quality lodging, in order to have a good stay and unwind with ease through the city. However, an enclosure that introduces you to the best of Chilean Creole culture will undoubtedly add value to your travel experience.

What does it mean for a hotel to have Chilean culture? That the history, tradition and idiosyncrasy of the country are present in every detail, enriching your knowledge around them during your stay.

A clear example of this type of enclosure is Almacruz Hotel, located in the heart of the civic center of Santiago. Here, the cultural diversity of the country is perceived in every corner: the magic of the south, the legacy of the original peoples, the majesty of the moais of Easter Island and the flavors of Creole gastronomy, among other attractions that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

What are the main advantages of staying in a hotel with Chilean culture?

Enrich your culture
The presence of Creole cultural elements in the hotel where you are staying will arouse your curiosity about them, helping you to know and understand them, which will greatly enrich your experience. Upon returning home, you will not only carry souvenirs in your luggage and good memories in your mind, but also an accumulation of legends to share with your family, as well as the motivation to know new places.

Savor the gastronomy
One of the best ways to know where you travel is through your kitchen. The flavors, aromas and textures of their preparations, the rituals of elaboration and the tasting of new mixtures of ingredients, not only reveal much about the Chilean identity, but also impregnate with great delight in your palate and in your memory.

The Vichuquén Restaurant at Almacruz Hotel specializes in bringing to the tables of its guests excellence in Creole gastronomy. The culinary tradition of the country from north to south, with the best of the land and the sea, is perfectly reflected in his letter.

Taste local spirits
Chilean wines have international fame, thanks to their good strain, taste and consistency. In a hotel that enhances the best of Creole culture, a good wine cellar cannot be missed. Also, your letter will include the most representative combinations of the national idiosyncrasy, such as the earthquake, the pipeño, the wine sailed or the pisco sour. Is there a better way to get to know a place than through local food and drink?

Hosting in a hotel that offers the best of Creole culture in the same place, is an excellent button showing the wonders that Chile offers. The experience will enrich the trip and inspire you to get to know the country better, astonishing you with the many cultural and gastronomic treasures to discover.