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The history of Castillo Hidalgo

On the top of the Santa Lucia hill, in the historic center of the city of Santiago, is El Castillo Hidalgo, a building built in 1816 during the Reconquista by order of the last Spanish Governor of Santiago, Casimiro Marco del Pont. It is one of the most important buildings in the history of the city and then we will review all the details of the history Castillo Hidalgo:

In the beginning, the castle was named after the Santa Lucía battery, as it was erected in order to serve as a fortress for the defense of the city of Santiago del Nuevo Extremo. In addition, it was used as a black hole and a realistic garrison barrack. Later, when O'Higgins assumes power, the castle is called "Manuel Hidalgo" in honor of a captain who died in the battle of Chacabuco and becomes one of the most iconic monuments in the city.

The vision of Mayor Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, at the end of the 19th century, was looking for a city in Santiago where you could enjoy and renovate its parks and hills, in the case of Saint Lucia, he created cobbled paths to ride in carriages, beautiful gardens and ornate fountains, which together with the sculptures and squares are integrated into the commemorative porches and arches, hermitages and spectacular steep stairs that lead to elevated viewpoints where much of the social activities began to develop which made this walk into one of the most exclusive meeting points in Santiago.

In 1874, Castillo Hidalgo became the headquarters of a museum that exhibited the Colony Exhibition. However, on the death of Vicuña Mackenna (1886), the collection exhibited was distributed throughout several places in the capital, and the place was converted into a municipal winery. Without a doubt, a curious fact about the history Castillo Hidalgo.

Years later, in 1910, the first event center of the city was installed on the terrace of the Castle, which housed an exclusive restaurant of the high society of Santiago. The terrace, now covered, incorporated large windows to enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

It is currently the most traditional meeting point of the capital, after a group of private investors from 1997 decided to restore this majestic monument. It is used for the celebration of weddings, end of the year parties, graduations and party of galas, among other events.

The Castillo Hidalgo is one of the many historical points of the capital, and staying at the Almacruz Hotel may be your best option to explore the main tourist attractions of downtown Santiago.