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Best places to buy crafts in Santiago

Chile, with its peculiar geography, enables all kinds of raw materials and cultures. Thanks to this, it offers a varied range of handicrafts that represents its idiosyncrasy from north to south, manufactured by indigenous peoples with diverse elements. Although in the capital it is difficult to find the huge variety of products of this type concentrated, we can find some examples of Chilean handicrafts in Santiago.

1. Patio Bellavista and surroundings
It is one of the favorite places of tourists, because it concentrates not only a varied gastronomic offer but also shops with typical Chilean crafts, such as silver and lapis lazuli jewelry, handmade cosmetic products, mane, wood, leather and wool objects, Mapuche silverware , among others. It is located in the heart of Santiago, a short distance from the Baquedano metro.

In Pío Nono, in front of the Law School of the University of Chile, we have the Plaza de los Artesanos, a fair where leather products stand out - such as footwear, belts and bags - although it is also possible to find typical jewelry at prices more affordable than those at Patio Bellavista.

2. Santa Lucia Craft Fair
In front of the Santa Lucia hill is one of the most famous craft fairs in Santiago. It is a large place, in which - although not everything that is sold is typically Chilean - we can find a wide variety of products, such as copper ornaments, jewelry, clothing made with local products, and so on.

3. Indigenous Art Exhibition Center
It is a small fair, which is located just inside the Santa Lucia hill, entering through Alameda. Despite its size, it is possible to find 100% Chilean products, from the Mapuche, Rapanui and Aymara cultures, handmade and sold by their own creators.

4. Central Market
If what you are looking for is a combination of Chilean food and local products, this is the place. Located steps from the Cal and Canto metro, here you can taste the most varied offer of dishes with fish and seafood. At the same time, it is possible to purchase souvenirs and typical Chilean products in the central market area.

5. La Moneda Cultural Center
It is located under the Palacio de La Moneda, in the subway of the same name. In addition to permanently exhibiting works of art, the space has a store specializing in typical Chilean products, Mapuche crafts, goldsmiths, textiles and products in copper, wood and clay, among others.

In addition to these artisan centers, there are other neighborhoods in which it is possible to find typical products, such as the Lastarria, Italy and Victoria neighborhoods (famous for their specialized leather shoe stores). This shows that Chilean handicrafts in Santiago are on the rise, together with the increase in tourism and the search to acquire sustainable and fair trade products.