The night initiative that opens the Museum with live music

Innovating in its programmatic proposal and betting on approaching new and diverse audiences, on the night of Friday, July 5, the Pre-Columbian Museum will open its doors from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm with free admission, mediated visits and live music. On the first day the artists Daniela Millaleo and Francisco Victoria will perform, plus a music set by DJ Escobar.
In a permanent line of work the Pre-Columbian Museum, through the area of Communications and Public, has generated different instances of programming for families, senior citizens and migrant and indigenous communities.
"In this new stage, the Pre-Columbian Museum is considered as a living, open and diverse institution. We want to put this declaration of principles into practice, which is why we have developed different instances of participation and dialogue with our public, looking for new ways of carrying out a cultural offer that is attractive enough to be relevant and essential in the lives of people, "he says. Paulina Roblero, Head of Communications and Public Affairs.
Night in the Pre-Columbian is possible thanks to the support of the SCD and reinforces the founding commitment to make the Museum a meeting space, which recognizes and values the indigenous heritage present in each one of us. Extending the opening hours seeks to facilitate access by the public that, due to the lack of time, can not attend artistic, cultural and heritage activities.
Similarly, Noche en el Precolombino aims to activate a circuit in the historic center of Santiago, given the success of initiatives such as the Paseo Peatonal Bandera and the Gastronomic Boulevard of Plaza de Armas.
The first Noche en el Precolombino will feature visits mediated by Chile exhibitions before Chile and Pre-Columbian America in Art and live performances by Mapuche singer-songwriter Daniela Millaleo and pop artist Francisco Victoria. In addition, during the night there will be a music set by DJ Escobar. On the second day, on Friday, July 5, it will be the turn of Niña Storm, revelation artist of the Pulsar 2018 awards, and the Mapuche rapper Waikil.
This crossing aims to generate a new link with the indigenous creators and, at the same time, be a space for the diffusion of new artists.
The next days will be developed from September, with the desire to incorporate different musical styles and artistic disciplines, such as theater, dance and audiovisual cycles.