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Advantages of a Happy Hour in Santiago Centro

Happy hours are part of the night panorama that Chile has to offer, with several emblematic places throughout the capital.

If you are passing through the country and want to know the best happy hour Santiago, the city center offers a number of advantages in terms of bars, highlighting the ease of transport, the variety of places and the possibility of visiting more of one during an outing, in addition to the cost savings associated with the use of taxis or other means of private mobilization.

Happy hour Santiago : the advantages of choosing places near the subway

Although there is a wide range of bars and happy hour throughout Santiago, visiting one in the center of the capital not only allows you to discover the best tourist sectors in the country dedicated to nightlife, but also offers you several advantages:

1. Fluid mobilization

The center of Santiago has great connectivity in terms of public transport, especially as far as metro is concerned. Proof of this is that you can access different underground train stations corresponding to line 5, line 1 and line 2, being able to move along the commune or providing approach to other important locations in the capital.

2. Accessibility

There is a lot of happy hours in the commune of Santiago, in various strategic points. An example of this is the Make Make Bar. Its location is unbeatable, as it is located in the center of the city, at the intersection of emblematic streets such as Moneda and San Antonio. It has a varied menu of drinks and snacks, as well as a pleasant atmosphere. And it is steps from the Universidad de Chile metro and the Santa Lucia Metro station, which facilitates the arrival and departure from this place to other points.

3. Good atmosphere

When visiting a bar in the center of Santiago, you can immerse yourself in the spirit of the capital and its bohemia. Especially if you choose a themed place full of charm, such as the Make Make Bar, which allows you to enjoy its wide range of drinks by the outdoor pool of the Almacruz Hotel. A place full of magic, which mixes the modernity of the capital's surroundings with a careful Polynesian ornamentation, inspired by Easter Island. Chilean city and culture in one place!

4. Variety of accommodations in Santiago Centro

If you stay in downtown Santiago, and want to visit a bar located in the sector, just walk a couple of blocks to enjoy the fun. The comfort is even greater if the happy hour place is next to your hotel (or better yet, inside it) because the trips are minimized and you can live the experience without major worries.

Visiting a happy hour Santiago, in the center of the city, will not only allow you to experience the best of the night panorama, but also move easily and quickly, to enjoy the evening for longer.