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TICKETS (choose an option between)
  • Crispy chicken perfumed with charcoal, over mote salad and cucumbers
  • Avocado mousse with shrimp with fine herbs and green leaves

MAIN (choose an option between)
  • Salmon marinated in fine herbs with crustacean sauce and corn pastry
  • Loin of res in slow cooking to the Syrah ash of rosemary and gnocchi to the olive

DESSERT (choose an option between)
  • Capuccino of mascarpone and coffee with touches of bitter cocoa on caramel sauce and crispy Chilean hazelnuts
  • Three milks of quinoa with vanilla, cinnamon and orange emulsion

1/2 bottle of wine reserve per person
1 drink
Coffee, tea or infusions

OPEN BAR (3 Hours)
Pisco, Golden Rum, Vodka, Beer
White, red and rosé wine
Drink, natural juice and water

Coffee, Tea
2 Tapaditos
2 Cupcakes


Cocktail + Dinner + Open Bar + Late Night Service $ 45,000
Cocktail + Dinner Proxies $ 37,000
Proxy Cocktail $ 15,000
Cocktail + Dinner ++ Open bar without alcohol + night service $ 40,000
Cocktail + Dinner + Late Night Service $ 35,000
Long drinks $ 4,500

* Minimum 70 graduated menus
* End of the party 4:00 a.m.
* Values per person plus VAT

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