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Almacruz Hotel is steps away from Museums, cultural centers, historic hills, pedestrian walks and with its privileged location next to the Santiago Metro and locomotion. We are located in the heart of Santiago, in the administrative, political, cultural and financial sector of Chile.

Currently, this sector stands out for concentrating the largest amount of the city's assets; excellent connectivity with the rest of the metropolitan area; an attractive trade offer housed in its galleries, shopping centers and pedestrian walkways such as Ahumada and Orphans; In addition to the intense activity that takes place in its streets, where more than one million people circulate daily who work, study, live or visit Santiago.

The design of Santiago, as well as its checkerboard layout, defined the Plaza Mayor, today Plaza de Armas, at its center, and from there the blocks that housed houses and the main buildings were projected, such as the Casas de Cabildo, now the Municipality of Santiago ; the Royal Audience where the National Historical Museum works; the House of Governors and Presidents, current Central Mail; and the Royal Customs building that today houses the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.

Since then, it was growing and during that expansion the Civic District of Santiago was born, reflecting the increasing modernization that Chile experienced at the beginning of the 20th century. The creation of this neighborhood was in charge of the Viennese urban planner Karl Heinrich Brunner, during the Government of President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, and its design responded to the need to reduce the growing national unemployment by carrying out public works.
During the twentieth century, the Historic Center suffered the progressive exodus of families to other sectors of the capital, so that housing was transformed into offices and shops. That process began to be reversed during the last decades of the last century, through a policy of urban renewal that generated a boom in the construction of apartment buildings that brought families back to downtown Santiago.