It is one of the most characteristic gastronomic centers of Santiago, in whose restaurants it is possible to taste typical Chilean food, mainly based on seafood. It gained even more notoriety in 2012, when National Geographic selected it as the fifth best food market in the world.
The space is distinguished by the metal structure that crowns it. Designed by the architect Fermín Vivaceta, the enclosure began to be built in 1868, being inaugurated four years later.

In 2004, the environment of the Central Market was intervened to reorder it, enhance its heritage value and revitalize the urban life that takes place there and since August 2017, the corridors and the central square of the place have had a Wi-Fi access network public.
It was declared a National Monument in 1984.

The Central Market of Santiago is only a 13 minute walk from our Almacruz Hotel and Convention Center.

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