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The church of San Francisco is the oldest dated construction in Santiago (1618) and was built by indigenous people led by friars. The nearby convent, on whose first floor the museum is located, was inaugurated in 1623. The architectural complex was declared a National Monument in 1951.

The opening of the San Francisco Museum of Colonial Art - located on the main artery of the country - can be considered the result of the Second Vatican Council, which urged the religious - among many others - to come into more contact and dialogue with civil society, demolishing walls, which in this case was literal.
Liturgical objects, paintings and sculptures created for catechesis and evangelization in the colonial period were accumulating inside the walls of the oldest Franciscan convent in Chile. With the passage of time, they became valuable pieces of art and history that gave rise to the Museo de Arte Colonial San Francisco.

The San Francisco Colonial Art Museum offers the possibility of touring its premises independently or, if you wish, and schedule in advance, with a guide service, at established times.

The San Francisco Colonial Art Museum, located inside the historic San Francisco Church, is located just 3 minutes from Almacruz Hotel Centro de Convenciones.