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National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA)

In 1879, the sculptor José Miguel Blanco published an article in the Chilean Magazine stating the need to create a Museum of Fine Arts in Chile, in order to collect works that were scattered in various institutional buildings. His concern was addressed and on September 18, 1880, under the presidency of Aníbal Pinto, the National Museum of Paintings was founded and installed on the heights of the National Congress.

Its first director was the painter Juan Mochi. In 1901, the government held an architectural competition for the construction project of the Museum and School of Fine Arts, whose winner was the Chilean-French architect Émile Jéquier. As part of the celebrations of the Centennial of Chile, the Palace of Fine Arts, which housed the Museum and the School, was inaugurated on September 21, 1910. For the occasion, a great International Exhibition was organized that featured works of art from from fourteen countries invited through their respective embassies.

The MNBA is a free access cultural institution and preserves collections of Chilean and foreign art from the viceregal period to the present day, totaling more than six thousand pieces. The Museum holds exhibitions of its collection, as well as temporary exhibitions dedicated to national and foreign collections and renowned artists, both local and international.