Santiago Centro has several pedestrian promenades, which help the citizen confluence in the capital's heart. In them an important and vertiginous commercial activity is developed, where it is possible to find great stores, national monuments, the famous Cafes with Legs and the typical carts of sale of the traditional and appetized Mote with Bones.

Among the main ones are the Paseo Ahumada, whose name comes from the Spanish family settled on this street in the 17th century. Parallel to Ahumada is the State Walk, formerly known as Calle del Rey, a name that was modified after Independence. Paseo Huérfanos is the road that crosses Ahumada and State, its existence also dates back to the colonial era. It had several names, among them Calle de Moneda Real and finally Calle Orérfanos, for the orphanage installed there.

Finally and in the north of the Plaza de Armas, stands Paseo Bridge. Its name is due to the fact that it connected with the Cal y Canto Bridge, the most important and grand gateway of the Mapocho River during the 18th century. There are many attributes of Santiago pedestrian walks, through which it is possible to admire the city carefully.

Almacruz Hotel and Convention Center is only 5 minutes away from the main Pedestrian Walks of Santiago Centro.