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The oldest cultural center in the country

Municipal de Santiago is the oldest cultural center in the country and the fundamental stage for works from around the world. They emphasize their opera, ballet, symphonic and chamber and theater concerts. Belonging to the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago and National Monument since 1974, the building of the Theater was designed by the architect Francisco Brunet des Baines, inspired by the French neoclassical style. It was inaugurated on September 17, 1857 with the opera Ernani, by Giuseppe Verdi, with a production by an Italian company.

Since its inception, the theater has developed an activity that is highly relevant to the development and dissemination of culture. The Municipal de Santiago is administered by the Santiago Cultural Corporation and houses fundamental institutions for national artistic development, such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Santiago, the Ballet of Santiago and the Municipal Choir of Santiago, as well as a complete technical body that integrates the performing workshops -construction, costumes, sculpture, among others. The Municipal de Santiago is a true art factory.

The Municipal Theater of Santiago is located just 1 minute from Almacruz Hotel Convention Center.

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