Sustainability Policies


Our organization maintains a permanent commitment to Sustainability, which is supported in 3 areas, which are:
Economic field:
 We do not support the commercial sexual exploitation of children, adolescents and / or adults.
 We do not promote child labor.
 We do not hire minors.
 We respect ethnic and gender equity and reflect it in our hiring.
 We constantly train our staff on issues of service, quality, care and conservation of the environment, history, culture of our country and the legislation that applies to us.
 We promote the professional growth of our staff, without making any distinction of gender, religion, ethnicity or political beliefs.
 We support and promote local, cultural and sports development activities of the community and we are committed to the protection of historical and cultural heritage, involving and motivating company personnel in the participation of these activities.
Socio-cultural field
 We do not support the sale, traffic or exhibition of pieces and archaeological objects considered cultural heritage.
 We support respect for indigenous cultures and customs.
 We protect the historical and cultural heritage through defined projects.
 We support the commercial development of small businesses, micro-companies and responsible suppliers.
 We focus our efforts on minimizing the negative effects that your operation may cause to the environment, through the implementation of ecologically sustainable standards and practices that guarantee good service and the profitability of the company.
Environmental Scope
 We do not support the sale, extraction and exploitation of endangered flora and fauna and we do not approve of these practices in any way.
 We adopt measures for the sustainable use of water and energy.
 We use energy efficient electrical equipment.
 We take actions to reduce the amount of waste generated and promote the reuse, recycling and proper disposal of our waste.
 We take actions to reduce the purchase of individual packages and the use of disposable containers that cannot be recycled or reused.